Case Studies

Montclair undertakes a wide range of projects across many sectors.  These are some current and recent examples.




The client was a well-established contractor to the UAE military seeking to exploit world-leading technology in the civilian transport sector delivered by one of its international subsidiaries. The client's existing local partner was not well suited to supporting this growth strategy.


Montclair presented a range of solutions, before arranging a partnership with a respected local businessman. Montclair then continued to work with the local partner and the client to position the civilian technology for a major Abu Dhabi Government infrastructure contract.


The client has since won the US$250m competition and is negotiating final terms with support from Montclair.

Military to Civil Infrastructure

Business Development


The client has industry-respected technology and services but is new to the market in Abu Dhabi. Their equipment is used widely but they wish to establish themselves as principal contractors with multiple government departments in a short space of time. Montclair identified a priority list of government-related-entities (GREs) and is making introductions at all levels, from Director General through to Project Management. Montclair supports relationship development and the tendering process.

Dispute Resolution


An international retail brand owner is in dispute with its local UAE agent and wishes to exit the relationship and secure a new agent with a more aligned vision for the brand. Montclair has established the agent's appetite for selling, identified a new partner with appropriate commercial credentials and will negotiate a Sale & Purchase agreement with a value in excess of US$75m.

Contract Renewal Support


An international manpower services company seeking to renew its contract with the UAE government finds itself up against an unexpected competitor with a dramatically changed scope for the contract. Montclair has identified the decision-making rationale behind the contract process, provided a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor and provided strategies to mitigate the risks, as well as offering execution capability.

Market Share


An infrastructure materials manufacturing company discovered its products were being sold in the Abu Dhabi 'grey market' to its clients, depriving it of substantial revenues. Montclair is helping to re-establish the vendor certification credentials of the client and has introduced a local JV partner who will deliver legitimate sales revenue on a profit-sharing basis that will secure significant market-share in line with expectations.

Financial Re-Structuring


The client is an individual owner of a diversified holding company with multiple debt and overdraft facilities totalling in excess of US$100m. The assorted businesses are stable and cash flow positive and all commitments are being met. The client is concerned about the cost of his finance facilities and wishes to consolidate these to reduce the overall cost.


Montclair, with its knowledge of the entire UAE banking sector and experience of undertaking similar transactions, prepares a prospectus for lenders based on the holding companies’ financials and presents to lenders in order to secure improved terms.

Trusted Advisor


The client is a major government entity with a strategy to employ sophisticated project finance to deliver its mandate. The client will work with a syndicate of banks to secure the finance, but the principal, though an expert in his field, has modest experience in this area.


Montclair has been engaged to provide evaluation of project finance proposals and commentary on process on a private basis in order to ensure maximum value for money for the client and his government stakeholder.

Strategic Engagement


The client is a major international corporation with a strong existing business in Abu Dhabi. The client is now competing for substantial new projects. They have a well-established presence and reputation and excellent working relationships with local counterparts.


Local management is also well attuned to the local political environment and actively engages at senior level. But the client needs to articulate a radical message to decision-makers in terms of future cooperation.


Montclair, with its extensive network of very high level contacts, prepares a portfolio of suitable stakeholders with whom the client can engage. Once agreed, Montclair will make a series of introductions and provide pre-briefing and follow-up actions.